Laura is truly an amazing teacher. She has a profound understanding of the body, health and general wellbeing. Her classes are not just about technique, every moment of the class is spent talking us through the function of each move, the benefit to the particular part of the body and overall to the whole body. This is not just empty repetition of rehearsed moves, it is planned building, strengthening and awareness of each participants needs. Somehow she delivers this uniquely applied teaching style with humour and warmth – Anna. 


Laura’s Pilates classes, which I have now attended for over a year have transformed my health and life. From being a size 22 a year ago, I am now a size 8. Laura has enthusiasm, patience and her knowledge is second to none. I have learned a huge amount about my own body, my core has completely changed into a strong, controlled system. My ability to relax through correct breathing has transformed my stress levels. I would strongly recommend Laura’s Pilates classes – Rosemary.  

Laura’s classes are well planned and informative. The benefits I have received in terms of strength, stamina and flexibility have been massive – Sheila Burgess.  

Laura’s Pilates classes focus on specific muscle groups, slow controlled movements for building strength but also dynamic enough to give you a good workout. That is why I keep coming back to her classes – Maggie. 

Laura is an excellent Pilates teacher. She talks us through the whole class with such clarity, motivating us to do our best within our mobility and strength range. The time passes so quickly and we come away feeling well exercised with a sense of achievement. I would certainly recommend her classes to anybody wanting to try Pilates – Janet Gibbs.

If you want a Pilates class that offers the personal touch mixed with fun and a few giggles then Laura’s classes are for you. You will be taught how to do each Pilates move from the basic to as advanced as you and your body will allow. Even though you are part of a class you will only be doing the Pilates move to your own ability. There is no pressure to do more than you can. You will however be encouraged to push a little more each week. You will be amazed at how quickly you become stronger, toned and more flexible. Pilates is excellent for all ages, men, women and fitness levels. If you suffer any aches and pains there will be a Pilates exercise to help - Mandy.  

Laura’s Pilates classes have been very good for my low back pain/problems by building up my core strength. I have done all kinds of Pilates classes but I find Laura’s have been the most beneficial and challenging – Helen.  

If you want a Pilates class that has an excellent teacher that teaches beginner level to advanced then Laura’s is the class for you. The classes are fun and challenging while helping you to achieve a good level of strength and knowledge at your own pace – Donna.   

I have historically suffered from lower back pain because I do a sedentary desk based job. Since going to Laura's Pilates class I have virtually no back pain at all. What I particularly like about Laura is she is very focused on core strength while continually focusing on good technique. Technique is so important with any core exercises otherwise there is a danger of making things worse rather than better with back pain, I know, I've been there! So all in all I think Laura is an excellent Pilates teacher and I have definitely reaped the rewards of going to her classes - Phil. 

I have noticed an increase in strength and flexibility since doing Laura's classes. She is very friendly and always makes you feel better about yourself - Francis.